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Double reverse will bring the floor for the larger enterprises to adjust, affected by the double reverse of the shrinking foreign markets will adjust the domestic market policy transformation, which will intensify competition in the industry, prompting the flooring industry to speed up the reshuffle. Into 2011, the Chinese wood flooring industry stumbled in the forward line, the double response v. Lost for our floor industry can be described as another blow to our flooring industry. Now the flooring industry, the domestic market is extremely competitive, subject to property control and rising raw materials and other oppression, the flooring industry has been facing a small business shutdown. Industry reshuffle is a market phenomenon, each industry development to a certain stage must be experienced, through the shuffle can promote the development of the industry, there will be development potential of the brand to stay in order to better promote the flooring industry development of. The road ahead can not be smooth sailing, with a good attitude to meet the challenge, as long as through this cold winter, the spring will be unlimited in front of everyone.

If you go to the building materials market, it is not difficult to find that many well-known brand of the floor also appeared in the wardrobe, wooden doors and other fields. This shows that more and more flooring companies began to look for the development of horizontal space, the direction of production to the wardrobe, doors, stairs, wood products and other directions, leading to the transformation of the flooring business is an important reason for the shrinking flooring market space profit. I visited the process in the market found that the majority of consumers believe that more than a choice of brands, businesses more competition, they can benefit from it. The person in charge of a building materials market, Mr. Lee believes that the industry cross-border, diversified development is a double-edged sword. Enterprises can make full use of their own resources, carpentry, inspection, packaging and other production processes based on cost savings, but will also bear more pressure on management, market risk. Sanctuary, nature, home life, actually home, and so on that before the diversification of the floor business faced with professional risk point of view.

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