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Dott coach and sporting director had returned to Royce's injury situation is not optimistic, and the German media, "Ruhr News" more pessimistic, German media said that at present only Royce linear buildup he might be back in the second half of the Bundesliga season. If Royce will return in the second half of the Bundesliga, which means he will miss the Champions League group stage game, and if, as Zuo Erke said will be back in a few weeks, he will also miss the Champions League group The second round match against Real Madrid. On loan from Arsenal this summer from Joel - Campbell, Wolfsburg from 1000 Wan euros to introduce the Dost, have achieved the goal in the new season the Portuguese. This high a fast striker, Real Madrid defense will bring challenges.

Time 9 Yue 15 Ri Lingchen 2 Dian 45 Fen ( local time 14 evening 20 Dian 45 Fen ) , 2016-17 season, the Champions League first round group stage F group of a focus on fighting one battle at the Bernabeu stadium, the Spanish giants Real Madrid vs. Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon. History of the European Cup clash 3 large cup history, Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon battle 4 games, Real Madrid 2 wins and 1 level 1 negative slightly dominant Sam Miletic Jersey, into the 8 -fault, non 4 ball. The two teams last met in the 2000-01 season, the Champions League, Real Madrid away 2-2 draw back home 4-0 bloodbath opponents. C Lo killing of former team never missed the 2016-17 season, the Champions League opener, Real Madrid meets Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon for C Lo, this would be a brought back memories of the game.

Sporting Lisbon is C Luo debut in place, 1997 year 12 -year-old C Lo Sporting Lisbon workout and accepted the club took only 1500 pounds to sign him Carter Rowney Jersey. C Luo 1 within the year jump 4 level from U16 to U17 , U18 Matt Hunwick Jersey, the B team, to the first team. 2002-03 season, C Lo on behalf of Sporting Lisbon played 31 times, scoring 5 goals, 2003 in the summer, C Luo Manchester United, star of the open road. Sporting Lisbon is C Lo dream place to start, where he spent 6 years Frederik Tiffels Jersey, an unforgettable teenage years. C Lo Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United are full of emotion, but on the pitch, the killing of his former team without mercy, and never missed. 2007-08 season, Manchester United Champions League encounter Sporting Lisbon, the first leg of C Luo goals, Manchester United 1-0 win; the second leg of Manchester United 2-1 to clinch, C Luo scored shaking kick.