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Jay Cutler tells us again with concrete - kolklock - 26-12-2017 08:34 AM

Jay Cutler tells us again with concrete action, his excellent play last week is only short-lived. Although he came out 274 yards in this field, but pass rate of success is only 57.1%, and the number of interceptions up to 3 times. One of his 20 yards and above pass 7 completed only once, while the other 6 times there are 2 times being intercepted. When faced with pressure, Cutler's quarterback scored only a bleak 30.2. Even without pressure, his score is still not good where to go, only 52.7.

The New Orleans Saints: Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara were selected to make the Saints the first team in 42 years to have two running back to the Professional Bowl. New York Giants: Despite a noticeably slower-than-expected season this season, Vaughan-Corinth continued for the second straight year, with his current stats of 98 tackles and 2 interceptions

Oakland Raiders: Last season's best defender, Carlyle-Mark, now has 10.5 sacks, making him the third consecutive Raiders since the 1982 sacking began Two-digit sacked player