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Look to the simple explanation first.
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Look to the simple explanation first.
30-10-2017, 07:21 AM
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Look to the simple explanation first.
Look to the simple explanation first. So the trick then, is to control DHT isnt it?

all in one solar street light At this juncture, I am unsure of the drug used for tackling DHT. In all honesty I dont even know if there is such a drug. It goes to work, slowly but surely setting you up for heart disease, cancer, stroke etc. My sadness stems from the fact that many dont seem to get it. Address the internal imbalance and DHT will do what its rightly supposed to do.

If they advise to take it on a consistent basis, then I must seriously ask about the side effects?

My friends, lets stop the games, the solution lies in diet.
.I have read with a tinge of sadness the numerous articles about acne. Were on the same page so far. Far be it from me to disbelieve the scientists.

This DHT is the bad boy in the chain reaction because it over stimulates the oil glands.

Acne originates from diet.

Understand this; if you sit down to a daily meal of hamburger and french fries, what do you expect to happen? You are supposed to eventually get acne. But Ill say it one more time because it is that important. If the bulb is intact, then you check the fuse box right?

Why are we so bent on finding some complex explanation for the cause of acne.

In further articles on acne, I will definitely bring to the table various foods that will help with correct internal imbalance. Acne is a certain barometer that the internal body chemistry is unbalanced. He essentially said that the body has a hormone called, (glad Im writing this), dihydro-testosterone, or more simply DHT.

Once the pores are sufficiently blocked and clogged, whiteheads and blackheads and pimples erupt into acne. Its as simple as that.

He went on to tell me that acne occurs when the oil glands under the skin secretes so much oil street light that the oil clogs the pores. ThereI said it again. Our problem could be that we are missing the forest because there are too many trees. I say this again also, you are what you eat. He also told me that everyone has oil glands under the skin. They in turn produce too much oil, from the over stimulation.

Look, DHT over stimulates the oil glands in the first place because there is an internal imbalance that needs to be addressed.

The foundation from which acne makes it appearance stems from diet. They have so much more education than me.

If your light bulb goes out flood light when youre in bed reading, do you immediately call the electrician? Noof course you dont. Acne is a sign of poor food choices.

Before I go any further, my hat is off to the fine researchers who sleuthed this entire scenario. Its staring you right in the face.

Grease and dead meat?

What else do you expect?

The amount of cholesterol in that meal is transferred to your body.

I do have a question though?

When do they advise to take this acne wonder drug?

When acne appears? In that case its a bit late.

A friend of mine was explaining to me recently how people got acne.

Its all in your diet!

Whenever acne rears its ugly whiteheads, the rot has already set in. Until then, continue to take in the most potent thing nature has freely provided for us in our battle against acne, water. Im a firm believer that acne erupts this way. You check to see whether the bulb has blown first.

Dont look for the complex explanation for why acne makes it appearance.
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