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You can find out what is in your water
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You can find out what is in your water
09-11-2017, 02:55 AM
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You can find out what is in your water
To avoid risks of lead and remove any from your drinking water get a water filter that removes lead.Lead in our drinking water is not uncommon.

Here are some symptoms of poisoning from lead:

Hyper irritability
Low appetite Lighting pole Low energy

Now these symptoms are also common with other problems so just because your teenage is uncooperative and has a lack of desire to do anything or your husband is easily agitated and irritable it does not mean immediately that they have lead poisoning but if you live in an older home or an area in which lead is present in the water you may have a concern and if you are trying to pin point a behavior issue that you cannot figure out with changes in a family members personality consider Led street light testing your water.

Of course if you think you or your family could have lead poisoning contact Poison Control. Lead is also found most commonly in paint. High exposure to lead even in light amounts is very bad to our health Led garden light and brain.
You can find out what is in your water by going to the local water board if you have city water and ask for the mandatory tests to view any contaminants that are particularly in your water. If you have a well I would be advisable to get a small amount of your water and take it to a testing lab to get it analyzed for all minerals, bacteria, and possible contaminants in your H2o. It causes learning disabilities and ADD development in children as well as behavior issues. Led tunnel light Symptoms of lead poisoning are many and varied depending on each persons body style and age.

Water is no solely to blame for lead and not all water has lead in in but you should check your water to make sure there is no lead in it.
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